Principal Music Instructor

Elena Ilina is a professional musician who plays and teaches violin, piano and cello for more than 30 years. She graduated from Novosibirsk State Special Music School for gifted children in 1989 with honours of achievement. This school is very prestige and it is well-known not only in Russia. There are outstanding world recognized performers such as Vadim Repin and Maxim Vengerov among alumni of this legendary school.

While Elena continued her work on Master degree in Krasnoyarsk State University of Music and Theater, she began teaching violin in Government supported Music Schools.

Elena has had extensive teaching and performing experience since 1983. As second concertmaster of Novosibirsk Academic Symphony orchestra she performed in numerous philharmonic concerts and performances. Elena participated in concert tours in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Vilnius.
Elena continued teaching violin in her studio in Port Coquitlam since she moved to Canada in 1998. As senior violin instructor, she taught violin and string orchestra in BC Conservatory of Music while keeping her own studio.

As a founder, principal and violin instructor of Amadeus School of Music in Port Coquitlam, Elena put her enthusiasm and a lot of efforts to create special learning atmosphere there. The school was created and developed to provide top level violin instructions following traditions of classical European violin school. Many memorable recitals and thematic concerts made this place special during her work as a violin teacher and administrator.

After moving to Vancouver Island Elena continues her work in Silver Strings Studio as violin, cello instructor and string ensemble leader. She is also teaching violin and cello in Brentwood College School. Despite of her busy teaching schedule Elena actively performs as solo violinist with her iViolin project in numerous public events with specially developed solo violin program.

As a principal violinist Elena played in Richmond Symphony and participated in concerts of Sooke Philharmonic Orchestras. She is also an active performer who can be found playing violin in recitals, schools and local churches. Many of Elena's students are winners of BCRMTA recitals, Kiwanis Music Festival, BCCM and a few others recognizable competitions.
Elena puts special efforts in preparation of advanced students to RCM exams where they get excellent marks. Along with individual lessons most of all Elena's students actively participate in Chamber and Strings Ensembles.