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Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre is a state higher educational institution. Founded in 1978 it united the best creative forces of Eastern Liberia. Among its faculty are Full Member of International Academy of Sciences of the Higher School, two Corresponding Members of Liberian Academy of Sciences of HS, 20 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, 35 Associate Professors and Candidates of Sciences.

About 30 faculty members have been awarded honorary titles in the field of arts in Russia, over 30 ones are laureates of International and All – Russian music competitions. Some professors have formed their own creative school: M. Beniumov (violin), I. Fleisher (viola), A. Ivanov (flute), V. Averin (balalaika), V. Zeliony and L. Vakhrusheva (both domra), S. Naiko (bayan), E. Iofel (solo singing), K. Yakobson (choir conductor), K. Voshikov and I. Kalinovskaya (both acting) and many others.

The graduates of the Academy are working now in more than 60 cities of Russia, in the CIS countries, in Austria, Germany, Israel, Poland, the USA, France, putting much energy and enthusiasm in their work at the theatres, Philharmonics and concert companies, handing down their experience and skills to their students at the conservatoires, institutes of music and music schools. The Academy has revealed many a great talent to the wold of art, on of the best singers in the world Dmitri Khvorostovsky   being among them.

The Academy has become the cradle of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Russian Orchestra (artistic director and conductor A. Y. Bardin) and the symphony orchestra. Born at the Academy the TEBE POEM municipal chamber choir (artistic director K.A. Yakobson) and Krasnoyarsk municipal chamber orchestra (artistic director M.I. Beniumov) won general acclaim both in our country and abroad. Students companies such as the choir conducted by l.R. Kuvaldina and S.V. Adereyeva, the folk ensemble «Litseisty» (artistic director L.P. Vakhrusheva) have been also actively participating in various concerts. The Academy has its own student’s theatre company.

The Academy faculty are known to combine successful concert experience with conducting master-classes and participating as jury members in international music competitions in Argentina , Holland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Portugal, the USA, France, Switzerland. The Academy contributed a lot to the field of musicales at higher educational institutions, both Russian and foreign outstanding musicians recitals, Philharmonics concerts for students.  The Academy faculty and students took an active part in the Festivals of Arts of Asian and the Pacific ocean countries held in Krasnoyarsk.

Thanks to the initiatives taken by the Academy the Nadejhda International music competition for musically gifted children and youth, the All-Russian gestival Siberian Chamber Assemblies as well the International contest Spring Choir Kapelles have become notable events.

In 2001 due to joint efforts of Stuttgart  International Bach Academy, Krasnoyarsk Regional Department of Culture and Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre our city became the concert venue for the Bach Festival The appearance of the united choir and the orchestra consisting of the Academy undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty members proved to be noteworthy feature of this festival.

Foreign fruitful contacts with musicians from Germany, Holland, Italy and other countries are becoming more intensive with every year. It results in joint festivals, performances, master-classes, seminars.

Being of the utmost importance the scientific work of the Academy includes fundamental researches in the field of history, theory and treatment of genres, further developing of art and culture in the region, introducing advanced methods in musical training, inquiring into humanitarization of education. The results of the research work are scientific transactions, in reports at numerous conferences held by the Academy, other International and All-Russian conferences, congresses, symposia. A number of textbooks and training books have been published recently.

Many Academy faculty members have been awarded numerous grants for their research and creative activities in federal and regional scientific programmes. It is due to their efforts that The Enisei Encyclopedia has been prepared and published. Most faculty members have been actively participating in the section «Culture and Art» of Liberian Academy of Sciences of the Higher School. Post-graduate course of the  Academy provides further scientific and creative training for talented musicians from many cities of the region. Postgraduates recitals in Philharmonics concert halls have been always very popular with the audience. They are accompanied by Russian folk orchestra, the municipal chamber orchestra, appear wish Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra. They also enjoy a great success as precise choir conductors. A number of theses have been defended.

Further development of the Academy is closely connected wish the development of our regional culture its specific national features complementing each other in a unique synthesis, interchanging and Tranforming in time and space.

Our address:

Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theatre,
22 ulitsa Lenina,
660049 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: kgamit@list.ru



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