We provide individual approach to every student in our school. An appropriate program is developed and adjusted to a student in a situation where there will be success and enjoyment.

Tuition fee:

Lessons in our school are paid based on rate $50 per hour

30 min lesson once a week    $100 per month
45 min lesson once a week    $150 per month
60 min lesson once a week    $200 per month

Lessons at your home are provided at different rate depending on location with minimal lesson duration 45 minutes.

Lessons are paid in advance by the first lesson of a month. Checks are payable to iViolin school. The monthly check or cash payments should be estimated depends on proposal number of lessons in a coming month.

Adjustments (credit/debit) can be applied to your account by the end of month respectively.

Examples of "debits" would be:
Working music copies supplied
Examinations Books supplied, etc.
Festival fees paid

Examples of "credits" would we:
Lessons missed due to school/civic holidays
Lessons missed by the teacher.

Parents are welcome to observe a lesson, at any time.
Students are expected to be on time for their lessons, teachers are not able to extend a lesson time for the students who are late because of following by lesson.

Public Performance Opportunities:

There will be opportunities for each student to perform in public recitals or festivals at least once during in a semester. Every semester will be presenting situations for performance and participations in Festivals.

RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto) examination is offered to students of all grades. Many of our students take advantage of RCM exams confirming their skills level, gathering high school credits and even getting teacher's certificate.

Practice Routine
It is highly recommended practicing at home on a regular basis. Beginners to Grade 3 are expected practicing at least 30 minutes per day whereas intermediates normally practice 1-1.5 hours per day and seniors have to play up to 2 hours daily.