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Students at performances

We practised a lot with my students and started performing for seniors.
Our students appears in different senior houses with program that includes duets and solo pieces.
Martin's first debut was success!

New Year and many new projects ahead!

After holiday rest we are back to work in the studio. Our next performing workshop for young musicians is scheduled for beginning of March. We are busy studying new pieces and working on bowing with 5-6 years old students. It is not easy!
February is month if carnivals and we are dress up in mask making rest in lesson of 45 min. I am glad that students of this age listen their sound and able to improve it!

Nutcracker week

After productive semester we looking forward to holidays. Last week of lessons in December is our Nutcracker week.
Cello students are working hard to finish Suzuki book and playing carols together and with my accompaniment.
Few new students joined us in December, looking forward some in January.
End of week playing Silent night with help of parent on guitar!

Cello workshop

It was first time performing group for the students on cello who started lessons in beginning of Summer.
By winter time they learned a lot. It was fun to play songs from Suzuki 1 book in duo and perform solo pieces.
By my side I showed how to play favourite songs by ear with digital accompaniment.
We will continue that class in December to finish book and play together Christmas corals.

Silver Strings Studio

September here is like a Summer but we are busy with learning new pieces and scales with few new cello students.
They enjoying to play that wonderful instrument and practising hard .
Our large and equipped studio is comfortable to accommodate parents and siblings attending lessons.

Antique piano

Visiting local antique stores is like visiting a museum. There is such a wonderful collection of things from past!
I am randomly trying musical instruments and often find fascinating things.
A mechanical piano took my attention at this time. It does sound like an orchestra!
There were a few samples of musical instruments behind of coloured glass inside of piano that seemed to perform as real ones.
I was standing and listening it and my memories went back to the past times like in time machine..

Music of Garden

Early signs of Spring we can find walking in Winter at Butchart Gardens. I am fascinated every year by attending Spring Prelude display to find beautiful explode of colours and flowers from tropical to spring bulbs. Lovely original house of this remarkable family is open for visit as well at this time of year.

In living room you can find musical instruments like violin, organ and beginning of century piano with music box.
Playing the instruments probably was regular by family members those years. It is nostalgic to look at interior of Butchart's
house display with large fireplace and billiard, carved wood furniture and walls. All of that wonders now looks like artwork and it is only one hundred years old.

I only missing sounds of music in this famous garden and house and every time I asking myself which music they like? I think many people would be love to listen music of that time and imaging playind violin piece by Fritz Kreisler or even waltz by Strauss..

Poetry of Winter in Vivaldi's Four Seasons

I was back to practice of Vivaldi's Winter Concerto recently. Our weather inspired me to add this piece to my program. I believe that Vivaldi was one of the first composers who place text in his music to describe his ideas with exact sound effects.
In first movement opening we found: We shiver in the snow - and frozen introduction comes with dry trills in violin part. With dry staccato it comes: We run and stamp our feet at every step
Tremolo of thirds describes: Our teeth chatter with the cold

Second movement in the contrast is bringing us to cozy warm fireplace. This melodious theme is one of the best lyric melodies of the Vivaldi's music. We pass the day contented by fireside; outside it is raining very hard.

Then in 3rd movement Winter is back!
We carefully walk on the ice
We are afraid we may fall
By strokes and sound effects music described ice breaking, wind howling, sounds of shrieking winds again.

Vivaldi put in the coda of Winter Concerto:
Such is winter, but it has joys.
It is still sounding so contemporary and fresh to accompany our life.